U.S. Carries out first drone attack after the general election in Pakistan



Recently United States President Barack Obama gave indications of scaling back the drone attacks. It earned cautious approval from Pakistan. Security officials from Pakistan said that the recent drone strike was made 3 kilometer east of Miranshah. He further added that, the attack killed seven people and wounded four more. It’s still not clear whether the victims were the actual targets.

Earlier this month newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif said that the drone strikes are a challenge to the sovereignty of Pakistan. He further added that he would hold talks with “American friends” to discuss the issue.

Prior to the recent attach, President Obama’s announcement to scale down drone attacks were welcomed by both the people of North Waziristan and Pakistan’s foreign ministry.

In spite of the fact, Pakistan is a key ally to the United States; the country is still a high priority for the Americans. Only time will say when these deadly drone attacks come to a cease.


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