Japanese chef killed over meal in Germany


Reportedly the two ate a meal prepared by Miki Nozawa earlier that day. At around 2 AM on Monday the two men and the chef got into a fight after the two men asked to get the $10 back they spent on food. You Nozawa, Miki Nozawa’s wife, declared to the press that her “ex-husband” would have never started a fight as he was not the aggressive kind.

Rüdiger Meienburg, Chief Public Prosecutor in the Sylt Island, related to the press that Miki Nozawa died of a brain hemorrhage. Police did an investigation but did not arrest anyone.

Nozawa’s sister told a German newspaper that this is very strange. She personally asked bar employees to come forwards and give a testimony with what they saw but it was all in vain as none of the employees came forwards with an account of the confrontation.


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