Restaurant chain Hooters lures moms with free food


The privately held American restaurant chain with restaurants in 44 U.S. states and 24 other countries is well known for its young and sexy “Hooter Girls” with their revealing outfits. One would ask him/herself why on Earth does Hooters want to attract female customers?

The answer is simple. According to Dave Henninger, Hooter’s marketing chief, the restaurant chain just wants to see that Hooters is not the big bad wolf every mom thinks it is.

The marketing chief declared: “It’s not as diabolical as you think. We know you don’t think of Hooters as a typical place to take Mom, but we want to make it more appealing for Mom to come in.” Hooters even introduced salads priced $10 or lower in order to make itself more appealing to women. While the provided explanation sounds logical there are some critics which consider Hooters is just desperately trying to improve its image and its look after falling from a better place it once held.


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