US officials suggest An Airstrike by Israel on Syria


According to CNN, the officials are of the belief that the target is not a chemical weapons facility. CBS News reported that Israel indeed targeted a warehouse.

As of Saturday midnight Easter Standard Time, there has been no official confirmation from any authorities, but unconfirmed reports have started to surface. The Pentagon has declined to comment on the matter.

Military spokesperson in Jerusalem has also denied commenting on any such report. The same applies to the spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy in Washington. He said, we are unable to comment on these reports, but what I can assure is the fact that Israel is determined to deter the transfer of chemical weapons via the Syrian regime to the terrorists.

Syrian UN Ambassador is also unaware of any such attacked when asked by the Reuters.

Earlier in the year, back in January, Israel bombed a convoy in Syria. The bombing apparently hit weapons meant to be used for Hezbollah.


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