Region off Of Japan Hit by 7.0 Quake


The tremor hit the Pacific Ocean at around midday local time at a 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) depth. The struck region is located an estimated 930 miles (1500 kilometers) to the northeastern side of Tokyo. The epicenter was at 328 miles (528 kilometers) northeast of ’s Nemuro and 160 miles (58 kilometers) to the east-northeastern side of Russia’s Kuril’sk. Buildings in Tokyo shook upon impact of the quake, but no damages took place nor injuries reported. However, express trains plying the central and northern routes were temporarily suspended as a precaution. There were also no abnormalities reported at the power plants within the region. In March, ’s northeastern region was struck by a catastrophic earthquake which crippled a nuclear power plant and claimed the lives of at least 20,000 people reported as either missing or dead.

The uninhabited Torishima Island located in the Pacific Ocean as well as the Urup, Hokkaido, Sumushir and Iturup volcanic islands were the nearest lands affected by the earthquake. However, Japanese officials say that the islands are not under their control.


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