Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf Arrested by the Pakistan Police



Footage telecast on TV stations showed that former President Musharraf getting escorted by uniformed police official to a court in Islamabad. An arrest warrant was issued by the judge on Thursday.

According to Musharraf’s lawyer, Qamar Afzal, the former army chief voluntarily surrendered. The lawyer further added that, he pleaded the court to place police officials and make it a house arrest instead of putting Musharraf in jail. The former chief of army and president Musharraf went back to his residence after the short hearing.

Ahmad Raza Kasuri who happens to be one of the other lawyers for Pervez Musharraf said that, the legal team working for Musharraf would lodge an appeal at the Supreme Court with a view to overturn the arrest order.

Pervez Musharraf returned to his home soil of last month after a self-imposed exile of nearly 4 years in the hope of participating in the general election.



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