Mexican Barbie Chihuahua Frowned Upon


The chairman/ co-founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, Felix Sanchez, told Fox News Latino in an interview yesterday that the image it portrayed was very dated. He added that it would be refreshing to get contemporary takes of such countries, because the doll is portraying an image that may have targeted a different time. Other critics share similar sentiments saying that having a doll that comes with a Chihuahua and passport reinforces negative stereotypes.
The Latin Times also shared their views on the image the dolls portrayed saying that the normal Barbie doll is normally accompanied with accessories such as sunglasses and handbags, but the Mexican Barbie is accompanied with a passport and documentation.

The new Barbie doll was launched by Mattel for their international ‘Dolls of the World collection.’ Mattel launched the doll in a bid to re-launch the collection which was started 30 years ago, by representing the diversity of various countries. Sara Rosales, Mattel’s spokesperson, explained that Mattel uses the Barbie brand to celebrate an individual country’s culture and heritage as well as take diverse cultures internationally to girls in a way they can relate to.


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