Joel Osteen Victim of Belated April Fool’s Internet Hoax


The fake website ran statements which were purported to be from Osteen bashing the bible and terming it as flawed, fallible and highly inconsistent. The website also posted a video with a CNN screen grab running the headline ‘Pastor of mega church resigns, rejects Christ.’ There was also a fake Twitter account which cropped up tied to the televangelist which has since been suspended. The fake website was traced to BMG Enterprises, a Milwaukee based group, who launched it on April Fool’s Day.

Yesterday morning, Osteen’s official Twitter account posted a tweet stating that the rumor was false and that Osteen had not left the church. Speaking with ABC News, Osteen laughed it off saying that the hoax was mildly amusing. He added that he was not angry and that he felt too blessed and life was short to allow such things to bring him down. Despite of taking the approach to move on and turn the other cheek, Osteen implied that he hadn’t ruled out the possibility of taking legal action.


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