Two Tourists Kidnapped and One Raped in the Brazilian city of Rio



The two tourists are both in their early twenties and were driven around the beach city. They were travelling by a van and were accompanied by the three attackers. The attackers tortured the tourists for six hours. Police said that, the woman was raped and the man was beaten by an iron bar while his hands were tied by handcuffs.

Identities and nationalities of the two tourists are kept private by the Rio police, though unverified local media sources suggest that at least one of the tourists was American.

In connection to the rape and robbery, and Wallace Aparecido Souza Silva (22), and Jonathan Foudakis de Souza (20) were taken into police custody. They were arrested with charges of rape and robbery.

The two accused could not be reached, but a spokesperson for the local police said that she is not aware of any lawyers working for the arrested men.

The attack is going to send out a negative message to the world especially just a year before the Football World Cup in Brazil.




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