Retrial Ordered by Italian Judges for Amanda Knox


She is accused of having murdered her roommate Meredith Kercher while in Perugia. On the day the Supreme Court made this ruling, she was not present since she went back to the US in 2011. The Rome Supreme Court also made orders to the effect that Raffaele Sollecito should face trial afresh over the death of Kercher. Carlo Dalla Vedova, her attorney, said that Knox was extremely surprised and upset since they thought the case had come to an end.

He, however, added that just like Knox did on the last 5 years she is more than willing to than ever to continue. He said that his client does not have any plans to leave Seattle and travel to Italy for various reasons though she is free to do so. Dalla said that she is still a young girl and the case has had a negative impact on her psychologically. Prosecutors believe that regardless of the decision made by the appellate, the two were responsible of the death of Kercher.


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