Chinese Bowl Bought For $3 Sold For $2.2 Million


The ancient bowl sates back to the Northern Song Dynasty and it was part of Chinese ceramics put up for auction at the Sotherby’s auction. The 1000 year old bowl surpassed Sotherby’s Presale price, estimated price being about $200,000 to $300,000. The owners are said to have bought the bowl back in 2007 and after increased interest by collectors they decided to have it appraised. London dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi was the proud owner of the bowl after the auction. Eskenazi said that the bowl was in ‘absolutely perfect’ condition without a single chip or crack in it.

The ivory colored bowl featuring thin potting measured at about 5 inches in diameter is said to be part of the ‘Ding’ ware which were highly prized. The Northern Song Dynasty ruled in China from 960 to 1127. A similar bowl which Sotherby’s says is similar in size, form as well as aesthetics is currently housed in London’s British Museum. 


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