Black Smoke Reigns, Cardinals Yet To Choose a New Pope


The cardinals voted twice in the morning and were meant to vote two more times after resuming from lunch break. However, most cardinals feel that they need someone who will act both as the church’s manager to clean up the bureaucracy the Vatican has been laden with as well as a spiritual leader to revive Catholicism. Since these two attributes seem elusive to find in one man, analysts are saying that this could be the longest conclave yet.

Among those mentioned as ‘papabile,’ meaning that they are top contenders of the papacy, include Milan Archbishop Angelo Scola, Canadian head of Vatican Marc Ouellet and Brazilian Archbishop Odilo Scherer. Analysts also say that the longer the wait, the more chances of a surprise with several substitutes also up for the papacy should cardinals fail completely to reach an agreement from the top tier contenders.

Thousands of people gathered at St. Peter’s Square were disappointed at this indecision, with Easter getting closer and closer.


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