Hugo Chavez’s Body to Be Embalmed for Display in Glass Casket


Having the body of the deceased embalmed and showcased behind a glass casket might seem absurd to some, but several notable world leaders currently lay in glass caskets. Kim II Sung, North Korea’s founding leader, China’s Mao Zedong and Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh all lay in glass caskets after embalming following their deaths. Vladimir Lenin’s embalmed body has been lying at a mausoleum at the Red Square in Moscow for close to 90 years now.

The 16th president of the U.S, Abraham Lincoln’s body was also embalmed following his death in 1865. His body was then taken on a 3-week winding train journey to Springfield, Illinois, along the way marked by open-casket memorial services.

Chavez’s embalmed body will be laid to rest at a Venezuelan military museum and as Maduro explained “it will be surrounded by crystal glass forever, present forever, and always with his people.”


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