Shark Attack in New Zealand leaves one Man Dead


rarely reports cases of shark attacks. TVNZ reports that since 1847, records suggest that only eleven fatal attacks have been recorded. The last fatality was in 1976 and it happened in Bay of Plenty which is in the south eastern part of Auckland according to the reports. A statement released by the police suggests that the injured man suffered from fatal injuries.

Shawn Rutene, a local inspector said tat some surf life savers and police went after the shark in to inflatable rescue boats and they managed to fire at the shark before it disappeared. Further, the statement says the shark is believed to be 12 to 14 feet long. Witnesses say that there were two attacks. After the first one, the man was still alive but he was pulled under again. However, his body was recovered and the beach as well as others close by had to be closed.


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