Haiti Cholera Claims Compensation Rejected by the UN


Evidence gathered indicates that the outbreak was as a result of UN sewage pipes leaking through one of the United Nations base. While over 600,000 people have been infected, the UN has not acknowledged any form of responsibility claiming that it would be impossible to identify the specific cause of the outbreak. This is regardless of mounting evidence that suggests one of the camp’s housing Nepalese peacekeepers who are infected could be the cause. 

A cholera victim lawyer, however, said that immunity did not translate to impunity for the UN and that the case would be pursued through a national court. The legal team of the victims is going to challenge the immunity right from the Haitian courts. They will argue on the basis of the UN not coming up with alternative mechanisms for dealing with accountability concerns as per the agreement made with the Haitian government. Ban says that the UN is committed towards eliminating cholera in the country since it is a major epidemic.


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