Young mother burned alive after being accused of witchcraft


Many people from Papua New Guinea still believe in witches and the dark magic. The country had the first law against witchcraft in 1971 when the Sorcery Act was first introduced. Thanks to this law witchcraft was punishable by law.

This is why it’s no wonder the relatives of the 6 year old boy who died in pain believed he was killed by magic. After tracking two women that admitted to sorcery but denied being responsible for their son’s death the boy’s relatives were sent after the real witch that presumably killed their son: Kepari Leniata.

The poor woman did not even get the chance of a fair trial. Some accusations were all it took to get the twenty year old mother drenched in gasoline and thrown into a fire to burn alive. Even though firemen quickly arrived at the scene the villagers’ kept them away until Leniata died.


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