FBI charged 18 people involved in a $200 million credit card fraud ring


According to a New Jersey FBI spokeswoman a FBI investigation revealed how the organized crime group operated in the United States and in other countries through elaborate schemes that allowed the members to steal $200 million.

The credit card ring is finally brought forward to justice. People from the network were able to get $200 million over the past 10 years through a massive credit card scheme. The criminals created bank accounts with thousands of fraudulent identities.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Tuesday morning 18 people from Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

An FBI official statement read that “This elaborate scheme involved the creation of thousands of fraudulent identities and bank accounts”. The ringleaders of this massive network worked together with co-conspirators from India, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Pakistan, Romania and China. The criminal complaint against the 18 people does not include the names of the credit card companies that were defrauded in this scam.



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