Important discovery made in the battle against the COVID 19


Another important progress was made in the battle against coronavirus. Scientists have uncovered the structure of an enzyme called nsp16 which coronavirus uses to fool the immune system and gain access to host cells, which it hijacks to replicate itself.

“It’s a camouflage,” according to Dr Yogesh Gupta of the University of Texas, the lead author of the study which is published in the journal Nature Communication. The new discovery could lead to new antiviral drugs for COVID-19 patients. The enzyme is used to modify something called the messenger RNA cap, effectively a signature which tells the cells that the proteins they’re being told to produce are the right ones. Scientists consider the nsp16 enzyme can be inhibited.

“This is a fundamental advance in our understanding of the virus,” Professor Robert Hromas of Texas Health Science Center said. The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances, with a total of more than 15,688,759 infected people. It’s important to found a good, targeted treatment, to reduce and stop the pandemy. Scientists from across the world are working day and night.


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