A young Greek student traveled home from Scotland by bike in the pandemy


Kleon Papadimitriou, a 20-year-old Greek college student who had been stuck in Scotland, where he studied, when flights were shut down due to the pandemic, returned to Athene using bike in a 2,175-mile route.

He needed 48 days to do this. His family was able to constantly track him and know were he was. He began his journey on May 10 being prepared with with canned sardines, peanut butter and bread, a sleeping bag, a tent and equipment for his bike. He traveled between 35 to 75 miles per day, crossing initially through England and then onto the Netherlands. Than he passed through Germany, Austria, Italy – where he took a boat to the Greek port of Patras – and finally biked to his Athens neighborhood. Going through different countries in Europe, Papadimitriou says he would sometimes reach out to friends or acquaintances who would offer a bed and a shower.

His family along with dozens of friends were waiting to celebrate his arrival home. “I think I improved as a person, I’m more confident in myself, I’m more confident in my abilities,” he said about himself. “You will learn things about yourself and you will surprise yourself (doing such things – our note),” he said for others.


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