Moderna Covid 19 vaccine trial in the U.S. is a promise


Moderna Inc.’s Covid-19 vaccine produced antibodies to the coronavirus in all patients tested in an initial safety trial, federal researchers said.

However, a number of patients in the trial experienced side effects, some of them severe. More than half of those who got the middle of three doses suffered mild to moderate fatigue, chills, headache and muscle pain. Also, 40% of people in the middle-dose group experienced a fever after the second vaccination. Three of 14 patients given the highest dose experienced severe side effects. Despite this, the vaccine will move into a much larger late-stage trial later this month. Stimulating production of neutralizing antibodies doesn’t prove a vaccine will be effective but it’s considered an important early step in testing. It is believed to work.

Coronavirus infection map

Unlike traditional vaccines, which inject a weakened or inactivated virus or a piece of a virus to trigger an immune response, the Moderna product uses genetic material called messenger RNA to cause cells to produce the coronavirus spike protein. A key question will be how long will the antibodies lastThe pandemic throughout the U.S. Cases nationwide increased Tuesday to 3.4 million and more than 136,117 Americans have died. Texas reported a daily infection record of 10,745.


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