Russia Expresses Concern at Alleged Israeli Airstrike on Syria


However, they have refuted claims that lorries ferrying weapons destined for Lebanon got hit. It has been expected that Russia will denounce the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but it has refused. Entering into the 22nd month of conflict, so far over 60,000 people have been killed.

The Syrian statement which was released by the army claimed fighter jets carried a direct strike on the center and two people were killed while another five were injured. The Foreign Minister for Russia said that once these reports are confirmed, they will be dealing with attacks that are unprovoked and on sovereign country territory which is in complete violation of UN charter.

Further on he said that there will be no motive to justify the action. The attack comes at a time when Israel has voiced reservations that there are Syrian chemical weapons and missiles that might fall in the hands of militants.


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