Eau de Space perfume was created after a NASA decision and we will can have it


NASA and chemist Steve Pearce created a perfume formula decades ago as a way to train and prepare astronauts for how outer space actually smells.

It took Pearce nearly four years to develop it. The aim of the fragrance was to help the astronauts get familiar with the smell of the space and eliminate any surprise that the astronauts might face in the space. Now, there is a chance for us, the others, based on a Kickstarter crowdfunding project. The product manager for Eau de Space, Matt Richmond, explains on its Kickstarter, the brand is looking for people’s help to mass manufacturer the fragrance so that everyone can experience the unique scent for themselves.It is very special. “Astronauts describe the smell as a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries, and rum,” he said.

“We’ve partnered with the best perfumers in the world and secured the rights to launch this product exclusively. Our team consists of top Fashion, Tech, Design, and Logistics experience, all with a desire to increase STEM through experiential education. Eau de Space is our first avenue we are exploring,” Richmond added. Eau de Space. It is set to retail for $15 with an estimated delivery date of October 2020. People donated 43,000 at Kickstarter until now.


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