Dozens puppies found dead after being transported to Canada by an Ukraine Airlines flight

38 puppies were found dead after Ukraine Airlines flight PS 1241 landed at Pearson International Airport on June 13. It was carrying 500 puppies in the cargo.

They were supposed to be sold in the Toronto area. “There were around 500 total, 200 French bulldogs included, that were taken for transportation on the Borispol-Toronto flight, including 300 cages, which meant some cages contained two dogs,” a source said. The temperatures at the time of loading was over 30 C. But many of the dogs were put into cages without the ability to even move, and without air circulation. Some of them suffocated. If confirmed, this is a direct violation of the International Air Transport Association guidelines which state that each animal should have enough space to turn around while standing, to sit and lie in a natural position.


Many of the animals on the flight from Ukraine were suffering from dehydration, weakness and/or vomiting . The airlines has put out a statement on their Facebook page on Friday offering their condolences for the tragic loss of life on their flight. CFIA officials (a federal agency that is responsible for regulating the importation of animals into Canada) are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. In a statement Friday, a Transport Canada spokesperson said air operators are responsible for ensuring they’re complying with the Canadian Aviation Regulations.