Judge gets suspended by Texas court for video of beating teenage daughter

A judge is suspended by Texas court for beating his own daughter in a video footage that was posted in You Tube.

Violence is always bad. And it is hated by all. To punish the children is ok when you do it by not harming or heating the child which can have a bad effect in future. But beating children is a kind of illegal work. It is hated by all. In recent years child punishment is totally band in the developed countries. Now to punish a child by beating is counted as a crime and there are laws to protect such acts. But what happens when a judge himself commits such a crime of child beating.

William Adams was a Texas family law judge. He was seen beating his daughter in a video that was posted in the You Tube. It was very much shocking that being a judge how can he make such crime.

The video was posted by his-own daughter in this year some days ago. She captured the video secretly. The video footage was of 2004. In the video it was clear that William Adams was beating his daughter by a belt of his. He was beating his girl for downloading illegally from internet. Often he used to beat his daughter Hillary in this way. The video was of 7 minutes and in the video he was clearly seen to hit Hillary with his belt for at least 10 times and all them were powerful strikes. He used to shout on her and told her to lie down on her bed with using slangs so that he could spank on her legs and back. The video in You Tube is viewed more than six million times in internet.

William Adams has not take part on any bench since the video was out in the internet on October-27. And now Texas Supreme Court has suspended William Adams from his job. A commission is inquiring the case.

There are some other restrictions too on his visit to his family also. He cannot visit his 10 year old daughter without her mother’s permission who is his ex wife. He cannot also drink alcohol or disparage the women within 24 hours of meeting his child.

Police said that the judge will not face criminal charges because the incident happened many times ago. But the inquiry is going on for the crime and hopefully the result will be in our hands soon.

Adams also agreed with a lawyer that all children are daydreamers and their testimony should be ignored.

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The Seven Wonders of Nature Announced


Man has fascination about places that they have not seen and so they go out to see those places. They have a curiosity of adventure and to discover. From very past they are travelling in places not only to see but also to learn. Through travelling one can learn many things like others culture, language, and also their rituals. From the natural interest man tried to make a numbering of places for the tourists. It helps them to decide and visit places that they haven’t seen and want to see.

There was a program held for ranking the natural tourist spots around the world was published just a few hours earlier. The spots were selected through votes of the people around the world. There were many tourist spots that were in the list. The competition was also very hard among them. But after a hard competition at last the 7 natural wonders of the world are selected and published. They are as billow,

The Amazon, Ecuador:

The Ecuadorian Amazon is a place where you can experience the forest and its wildlife. It is one of the best places to learn about the scale of the problem and it is done in Yachana Lodge which is on the bank of the Napo River.

The Grand Canyon, USA:

More than five million people visit the place each year. They see it from the South Rim which is the most accessible part of the park. But there are many other ways to go except the main viewpoint and you can explore the beauty more.

The Great Barrier Reef:

74 islands and islets – the Whitsudays lie in the shelter of the Great Barrier Reef. You can sell from one to another with standard yacht and can anchor anywhere to explore the beauty of the underwater.

The Maldives:

1192 small islands made the Maldives. They are scattered across the Turquoise Sea and surrounded by reefs. There are many resorts in the islands and you can rest there and observe the beauty of the beach and the Sea.


It is a journey of remote archipelago which can be a life time trip. You can get closer to wild life which inspired Darwin for the Evaluation theory.

Vesuvius, Italy:

It is the only volcano in main land Europe which erupted in last 100 years. Its eruption destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD79

The Dead Sea:

It is a great place where tourists come to relax and to have a great time. In this se you need not to swim. It has a miracle that you will not sink hare even if you try.

These all are the seven natural wonders of the World.


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Entire Family mysteriously disappears in Florida

A family in Florida has totally disappeared from a motel and now police searching for their information to the people.

A family in Florida has totally disappeared and there is no trace of them. They have disappeared from a motel. Now authorities are asking for their information to the people.

The investigation was first started when the father of Karen Burger first reported that they were missing. Karen Burger was 57 years old. The investigation team was investigating this case for last six weeks. They have found some more information about them. Now they have come to know that not only Karen Burger was missing. Her daughter Cristina, her son-in law Allen Hilgefort was also missing. The couple had a son who was only two year old was also missing with them.

The police has searched theme everywhere. They have found that the family was in a motel. They were missing from the motel according to the authorities. The motel is in Edgewater and they were last seen in July.

The police have searched for them by other sources too like bank or other social places where you have to visit. But there was no contact of them with bank during this time. The police detective Sgt. Eugene Griffith has said that basically an entire family has been missing.

There were some other issues that came out for the investigation. Investigators found that Karen Burger was having some alcohol and drug problems. It was ordinary for her to be out of home for days. So her elderly father did not report the missing complain to the police earlier. He waited for a month and when he found that it was different then he reported to police. According to the results of the investigation it is seen that it may be strongly a problem of drug addiction. And this makes the case more important to the authorities.

But it is very surprising for the authorities that how total four members of the same family can be missing at the same time. There is no trace of the other three members including the child. The investigator Sgt. Eugene Griffith has said that they have started to track down Burgers daughter and so-in-law and they are near to a dead end. And they have found that they are also missing and may be in danger with their two year old child.

Anyone with information about Burger or the Hilgefort family is requested to inform the crime stopper of Northeast Florida. You can also call at (888)277-TIPS.

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US cuts UNESCO dues


UN cultural organization has made a move opposite to Israel and the United States by giving vote in favor of Palestine for the membership in UN as an Independent country.


Palestine got 107 country’s votes in favor and 14 votes are in opposite and there are 52 countries are abstained.

In response of that Washington stated that it is cutting financial support to UNESCO. Its membership dues give approximately a fifth of the organization’s total budget.

Next month the UN secretary general will vote to decide whether to grant Palestine a full UN membership or not.


Membership of UNESCO- best known for its World heritage sites- it may seem a strange move towards statehood, said BBC’s Jon Donnison, but Palestine leaders see this as a part of push to have international recognition.

UNESCO is the first UN agency Palestinians have required to join since they submit their bid for the international recognition to the Security Council.

"This vote will erase a tiny part of the injustice done to the Palestinian people," Palestinian Foreign Minister said to meeting of UN educational, scientific and cultural organization, after publishing result.


Common applause greeted the result of Monday’s vote where two third majorities is enough to pass the final decision.

BBC’s David Chazan said that Arab countries were active in getting the vote passed despite the opposition from the United States.

He also said, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and Russia voted in favor of Palestine in an emotional session, and the United States, Germany and Canada vote against Palestine membership and the UK abstained.

'No shortcuts'

As a Law is passed in 1990s that allows Washington to cut fund to any UN body that favor Palestine as a full member.


In Washington, State department spokespersons Victoria Nuland to the journalists that they were have to made $60 million payment to UNESCO but they will not make that payment.


And earlier, Jay Carney white house spokesperson said that the vote of UNESCO was premature and it weakens the international community’s goal of a comprehensive.

Where Israel called the vote as the unilateral Palestinian maneuver that will not bring any change on the ground but it may removes the possibility of peace agreement.

Peace talk between Israel and Palestine has been stopped since last year over the Israeli settlement building issue.

Israel said that the country will consider the further steps regarding its collaboration with UNESCO.


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