Militants confessed Their Plan of Bombing in London Stock Exchange

In London one group of 4 Islamic militants of whom all are the British citizens directly admitted their actual involvement on this Wednesday in the conspiracy which was inspired by the group Al Qaeda for placing the bombs in toilets which are in London Stock Exchange and this was the part of the plot of that. The prosecutors told those were actually foiled just after the undercover counterterrorism officer tailed them since they surveyed the London tourist attraction as well as tracked all of their conversations by the means of the secret listening device.

This case was a part of the long-running clash of Britain against the militants born or else residing in the Britain since July seven bombings in the year of 2005 what  killed more or less fifty two  people on 3 subway trains as well as a bus of London. The result, furthermore, was directly taken by the counter-terrorism expert of Britain both like the warning of the potential threat since London braces for hosting the Olympic Games in the year of 2012 in addition to as the triumph for all electronic inspection of the homes, cars as well as computer memory stick on what the British intelligence actually prides itself. Moreover, the 4 were within the group of 9 men who then had been put to appeal not accountable to terrorism charge but misused their pleas into guilty while they learned on the possible sentences. Again, the other 5 pleaded guilty for lessening the charges. Also they are probably to be sentenced just in the next week.

The former counter-terrorism senior police officer, Bob Quick told the plot actually was “the reminder that there are still out there people who are prepared to commit serious acts of terrorism that threaten the lives of innocent people.” The member of existing House of Lords as well as previously the independent reviewer of government of the oppose-terrorism legislation Alexander Carlile told on the ability of the authorities in tracking the militant had been exactly “an excellent example of the surveillance and interception capabilities of British intelligence, as good as and probably better than any other country in the world.” In the radio interview he also added “We should not cease to be vigilant for one moment about the risk of terrorism, particularly in this Olympic year.” The testimony at trial has then revealed that the British agencies actually planted listening device in the cars, homes and in the computer memory stick.

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Official Announcement On Cold Shutdown of Reactors in Japan

Finally, a declaration has come on Friday from the Japan government on Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). The 3 crippled reactors are now in cold shutdown condition at Fukushima plant no. 1 and no longer leaking huge quantity of radiation.

If the declaration is correct and a stable cooling system for the reactors is achieved, it would be a great milestone in finishing the world’s most hazardous nuclear disaster since Chernobyl crisis, 1986. But there are still lots of doubts. Many skeptics have given their opinion that the announcement is slightly extra than political showing off.

The meaning of a cold shutdown is that the coolant temperatures of reactor core are lower than hundred degrees so that the water is not in boiling condition and the radioactive materials are not evading in large amounts from the cores. The three reactors have been noticeably damaged and the maximum of the dissolved fuel is supposed to enter throughout the pressure vessels and fall down to the base of external containment vessels. Still, it is not possible for TEPCO to measure the actual hotness at the base of containment vessels, the government announced the three reactors are now in a condition of cold shutdown as the temperatures at the base of pressure vessels, that are inside of  containment vessels, are far lower than boiling point.

Authorities said that from Friday the atmosphere temperature at the lower area of those containment vessels of reactors 1, 2 and 3 were 38.90 C, 167.50 C and 57.40 C respectively. According to TEPCO, this designates the total containment vessels, which is the last protection to hold radioactive materials from spreading out, have been reserved securely cool through insertion of the coolant water.

Nevertheless, levels of the radiation are still excessively high to clearly verify the real conditions of melted fuel supposed to take position at the base of the vessels.

But TEPCO is saying that no longer the melted fuel is too hot to go through the last concrete cover of containment vessels as a small amount of carbon dioxide has been discovered in the air inside those vessels.

TEPCO said that the rate of radiation leakage from the 3 reactors remains under 1 millisievert/year. This was also mentioned as one most important cause for the Japan government to announce the achievement of cold shutdown.

Yet, experts are worried about long-term constancy of the total coolant arrangement, which is inserting water inside the cores of the reactors, given the threat of another earthquake as well as tsunami.


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Brutality in Kano: Emir Sets Prayers for All in the Nigerian city

Both of the Christian and Muslim residents in Kano, northern part of Nigerian city in which as a minimum one hundred and sixty citizens were killed brutally in one series of attack on this Friday, now have been begged to pay attention to a day for the prayer for those citizens. Special prayer gathering has already been held next to the palace of Emir of Kano. The prayer was to ask Allah for helping end all this kind violence. The Islamist militant team named Boko Haram told that this could carry out the attacks.

As a minimum twelve locally prepared explosive devices and materials have been uncovered by searching in the abandoned vehicles which were then in city. The doctors told that many bodies are continuously arriving in morgues in addition to the figure of the citizens killed in that series of the bombings plus shoot-outs also is devastatingly expected to go up. The BBC new’s reporter of this city Abdullahi Kaura Abubaker told that some of the people are also starting to start again normal activities within the city bar heavy and strict security presence stands there. On the other hand overnight curfew also was in place.

The main issue of the call for the prayers was to say “End this violence.” This was also issued by the two parties of the State government of Kano as well as Emirate council which is on the local radio station. In this call all the Muslims as well as non Muslims strongly were urged for gathering at their own places of the worship. One source says that approximately 200 citizens attended the central mosque of Kano, at the same time also local mosques of the city held prayers. This Keno city is actually one of the largest cities in mostly Muslim north portion but this has a large Christian community. Moreover, Boko Haram actually targeted the worshippers at more than a few churches on the Christmas Day as well as one faction also has urged the southerners, who mostly are Christian or else follow the traditional beliefs, in order to leave the northern part.

More than hundred people have taken off their own homes. There also have been some cases of the members of 2 communities strongly supporting one another. The president Goodluck Jonathan also visited the city Kano at Sunday for offering his condolences along with vowed to conquer the "terrorists".

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Judge gets suspended by Texas court for video of beating teenage daughter

A judge is suspended by Texas court for beating his own daughter in a video footage that was posted in You Tube.

Violence is always bad. And it is hated by all. To punish the children is ok when you do it by not harming or heating the child which can have a bad effect in future. But beating children is a kind of illegal work. It is hated by all. In recent years child punishment is totally band in the developed countries. Now to punish a child by beating is counted as a crime and there are laws to protect such acts. But what happens when a judge himself commits such a crime of child beating.

William Adams was a Texas family law judge. He was seen beating his daughter in a video that was posted in the You Tube. It was very much shocking that being a judge how can he make such crime.

The video was posted by his-own daughter in this year some days ago. She captured the video secretly. The video footage was of 2004. In the video it was clear that William Adams was beating his daughter by a belt of his. He was beating his girl for downloading illegally from internet. Often he used to beat his daughter Hillary in this way. The video was of 7 minutes and in the video he was clearly seen to hit Hillary with his belt for at least 10 times and all them were powerful strikes. He used to shout on her and told her to lie down on her bed with using slangs so that he could spank on her legs and back. The video in You Tube is viewed more than six million times in internet.

William Adams has not take part on any bench since the video was out in the internet on October-27. And now Texas Supreme Court has suspended William Adams from his job. A commission is inquiring the case.

There are some other restrictions too on his visit to his family also. He cannot visit his 10 year old daughter without her mother’s permission who is his ex wife. He cannot also drink alcohol or disparage the women within 24 hours of meeting his child.

Police said that the judge will not face criminal charges because the incident happened many times ago. But the inquiry is going on for the crime and hopefully the result will be in our hands soon.

Adams also agreed with a lawyer that all children are daydreamers and their testimony should be ignored.

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