Auction for 'God letter' by Albert Einstein

Einstein's handwritten letter in which he explains why he does not believe in God was put for auction on eBay. PayPal is listed as a preferred payment method. The letter was written in 1954, a year before Albert Einstein's death.

  • Written by Jed E. Robinson
  • Category: International

Twitter began censoring accounts in specific countries

In January this year Twitter revealed its future censorship plans. With those changes Twitter could start deleting tweets from various accounts only for specific countries. This way the rest of the world except those countries would still see the tweets.

Microsoft's automatically generated DMCA claims ownership for number 45

A takedown that appears to have been originally aimed at early Beta leaks of Microsoft's Windows 8 has gone horribly wrong. Microsoft ended up sending automatically generated takedown DMCA complaints in which it accused TechCrunch, Wikipedia, the BBC, the US federal government and other sites and institutions of infringing their copyrights.

  • Written by James Mahoney
  • Category: International