New Election Date set by Venezuela

After the death of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has set dates for the new election. The special election will now be held on April 14th, 2013.  It will be a tough ask for the Venezuelans to choose the replacement for Hugo Chavez who will be completing remaining of his term. Chavez succumbed to death after fighting with Cancer last week.


Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez Dies at the age of 58

Cancer ridden Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez has been defeated by the Cancer. His death is a great loss for Venezuela.  Chavez’s loss has silenced the voice of the South American left and it now means that Venezuela’s next election will now be held earlier than scheduled.

Body Of Late Hugo Chavez Lying In State

The body of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lies at the Caracas military academy.  Yesterday, the late president received tribute from close advisers, his family as well as the state leaders of Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia.

Balloon Explosion Probe in Egypt might take two Weeks

Luxor province governor, Ezzat Saad on Wednesday revealed that the balloon explosion official investigation will last for 2 weeks. The accident which occurred on Tuesday is the deadliest in the last twenty years on a global scope. According to preliminary results, there was no foul play. The accident was caused by the explosion of gas canisters which exploded this sending the balloon plummeting to the ground from a height of 1,000 feet.
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