Cardinals elect Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the New Pope

In the Catholic Church’s history of 2000 years, for the first time Catholic Cardinals have elected a Latin American pope. Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio who will now be leading 1.2 billion Catholics all around the world has been voted as the new pope. The pope has chosen to go by the name Francis. It took 2 days of voting to elect the new pope.

Black Smoke off Vatican, No Pope Yet

Following yesterday’s ballots, the black smoke emitted from the Sistine Chapel signaled that no pope had been chosen during the first two ballots. The black smoke symbolizes that the 115 cardinals who took to the papal conclave to select a new pope have failed to select a new pope.

Black Smoke Reigns, Cardinals Yet To Choose a New Pope

After 3 rounds of ballots today, more black smoke has been emitted from Sistine Chapel indicating that the cardinals are yet to choose a new pope. The black smoke signaled that the cardinals are still not in agreement over who should take the papacy.

Catholic Cardinals Take To the Papal Conclave To Elect New Pope

Following week-long general meetings which concluded yesterday and private afternoon talks; today the 115 Catholic cardinals congregated at the Vatican take to the papal conclave to elect a new pope. Brazil’s Odilo Scerer and Italy’s Angelo Scola started out as favorites, but the field seems exceptionally open with the conclave projected to go on longer than previous times.