A 98 year old pursued for Nazi crimes died in a hospital in Budapest

The death of Laszlo Csatary, a 98 year old Hungarian man who was sending 16,000 Jews to the death cams during the second World War was announced Monday in Budapest. He died in a hospital. 
The man lived for may years after the war, undiscovered, in Hungary, and was placed under house arrest in June 2012 as a consequence of the pressure of the Nazi hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center. His hate against Jews was proved being not only a manifestation of the Nazi principles but a personal assumed attitude.
As the investigations revealed,” he regularly beat the interned Jews with his bare hands and whipped them with a dog-whip without any special reasons.”

“Old age should not offer protection to people who committed such heinous crimes” said about this case the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Jerusalem office, Efraim Zuroff. This strong motivated international organization wants that the lessons about the Holocaust to be presented to all future generations.

Many Hungarian people were horrified by Csatary’s criminal activity. They shouted “We shall never forget” outside his home in Budapest forming a human chain.
According official information at this moment dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals are still alive worldwide.