Investigation into Olaf Palme’s death produced result but the criminal is dead


The investigation into Swedish prim minister Olof Palme’s death was closed now, after 34 years.

Prosecutors say the person who commited the crime in 1986 was the graphic designer Stig Engstrom, known as “Skandia Man” as he had worked for the Skandia insurance company.He killed himself in 2000. “The person is Stig Engstrom,” Chief Prosecutor Krister Petersson told at a news conference. “Because the person is dead, I cannot bring charges against him and have decided to close the investigation.” Palme was shot in the back as he walked home from the cinema with his wife in Stockholm, on Sweden’s busiest road. He died instantly.The murder weapon has not been found. More than 130 people have confessed initially to the murder. A petty criminal was convicted of the murder in July 1989 but acquitted on appeal.

Over the years the case had generated more than 22,000 leads and files occupying 250 meters of shelves. Stig Engstrom had not initially been a focus for the investigation even if he was questioned by police several times. Engstrom lied about the moments after the murder, even claiming he had tried to resuscitate Palme. He was first identified as a suspect by journalist Thomas Pettersson. Police started looking into Engstrom 18 years after his death. Palme’s son Marten told Swedish radio that he believed prosecutors had reached the right conclusion.


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