The birth house of Hitler, in Austria, will become a police station


“A new chapter will be opened for the future from the birth house of a dictator and mass murderer,” Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told reporters on Tuesday.

It’s about the Austrian project to turn the building where Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau into a police station. „The police are the guardians of basic liberties and freedoms. Police officers in training see themselves as partners of citizens and as those who protect freedom, the right to assembly and freedom of speech,” the minister explained.A company was chosen to cosmetically change the façade of the building and give it a new roof. The Austrian officials call this „the neutralisation of this whole location.” Neo-Nazis have traveled to the site to have their pictures taken in front of the house and authorities want to ensure it does not attract others in the future.Work is expected to be completed by 2023 and will cost about €5m ($5.6m; £4.5m). A rock outside which reads “Fascism never again” is to be moved to a museum in the capital Vienna.

Braunau on the map

In early 2017, the government expropriated the building from its private owner, triggering a years-long legal battle over compensation. Hitler was born in an apartment on the top floor of the building in 1889. He lived there for a few months, before his family moved to Passau, . After World War II, the building was used as a library, a care center for the disabled and a technical school.


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