Woman Fined Nearly $530 For Dropping Salt Sachet


However, Howells who said that she had dropped the salt sachet accidentally and did not pay the fine leading to an appearance before the Carmarthen Magistrates Court. She took a guilty plea and the court fined her £316.85 ($498.47) and a victim surcharge of £15 ($23.60).

Howells explained that she had been to KFC with friends and they were searing in a car having the food. She added that she must have dropped the salt sachet accidentally. On the fine, she said that it was over the top and that if she had been caught littering severally it would have been fair, but she is not the type of person who litters.

The executive board member of the Carmarthenshire environmental and public protection council, Jim Jones, said that the incident should serve as a warning to others. He added that the council spends £2.2 million (about $3.4 million)annually cleaning the streets and that dropping litter, even spitting out chewing gum, is against the law.


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