Volkswagen must pay compensation to owners of the cars with emissionscheating software


Highest civil court in Germany has ruled on Monday that Volkswagen must pay compensation to a motorist who had bought one of its diesel minivans fitted with emissions-cheating software.

There are about 60,000 other similar cases in Germany. A one-off payment will be offered by the company, evaluating each case, with depreciation taken into account. “Volkswagen is now seeking to bring these proceedings to a prompt conclusion in agreement with the plaintiffs. We will therefore approach the plaintiffs with the adequate settlement proposals.” By the way, VW has paid out more than €30bn in fines, compensation and buyback schemes worldwide since the scandal first broke in 2015. Volkswagen admitted in September 2015 to cheating emissions tests on diesel engines and it was a scandal. European authorities instead forced the company to update its engine control software and fined it for fraud and administrative lapses.

“The verdict by the BGH draws a final line. It creates clarity on the BGH’s views on the underlying questions in the diesel proceedings for most of the 60,000 cases still pending,” Volkswagen said about the latest sentence. The carmaker also said it had paid out a total of 750 million euros to more than 200,000 separate claimants in Germany who had opted against individual claims and instead joined a class action lawsuit brought by a German consumer group.


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