New law in France to stop undesirable online content


The Parliament of France decided to impose strong rules to eliminate offensive content online.

Social media and other websites will have just one hour to delete offending content under a new law, under the police request. The one-hour deadline applies to content that French authorities consider to be related to terrorism or child sexual abuse. Under the new French law, content judged to be illegal even not related to terrorism and sex abuse must ne removed in 24 hours after notification. As always happening, criticism occurred.

France National Assembly

Digital rights group La Quadrature du Net said the requirement to take down content that the police considered “terrorism” in just one hour is impractical. There is another fear too: “giving the police such a power, without any control… is obviously for us an infringement on the freedom of speech,” the same group says. A similar deadline of one hour to remove content included in an European law project generated concerns and was not yet decided. To stop critics, officials in France reinforced the country’s commitment to freedom of expression. The big actual social websites as Facebook or YouTube manifested a positive reaction to the new law in France and declared engagement to do this.


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