Femen activists at World Economic Forum in Davos


The Ukrainian feminist activist group Femen is well known for its protests world-wide.  The women tried to join the elite corporate gathering meeting uninvited by scaling a fence. Their protest began with them lighting off pink flares and then showing off their naked chests. The three women from activist group Femen had the words “SOS Davos” painted on their bodies in order to call attention to poverty of women world-wide.

As it was expected the three women failed and did not manage to have the protest as planned. The Swiss Resort was the center of the in Davos.  The huge security force that was policing the area took the Femen activists outside. The women kicked and screamed as they tried to fight their way in but it was all for nothing.

Davos forum critics say that political and business leaders at the World Economic gathering do not spend enough time doing concrete things to help the needy or solve the world’s problems.


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