A Spanish woman 113 old recovered from coronavirus


Spain’s oldest woman, María Branyas, 113 old, officially becomes the country’s oldest coronavirus survivor.

She was diagnosed with COVID-19 in April and remained in isolation for weeks at the Olot care home until she tested negative. She suffered only mild symptoms and was back to her usual self after recovering and looked forward to reuniting with her family.”Although I would have preferred not to have to live this unfortunate situation of nonsense in the treatment of the elderly in the country, I thank you. And a lot of strength to all the grandmothers and grandparents who are still struggling,” she wrote Tuesday in Tweeter. She also warned that humanity needs a “new order” after the pandemy. „Believe me, you need a new order, a change in the hierarchy of values and priorities, a New Human Age . . . Health and strength, you will succeed.”

Branyas’ daughter Rosa told reporters her mother has made an “amazing recovery.” “The experience of Maria Branyas is remarkable. Her story offers a powerful reminder that people of all ages can survive coronavirus and continue to lead an active life afterward,” Thomas Scharf, a professor of social gerontology and president of the British Society of Gerontology, told media. María Branya raised three children one of whom recently turned 86 – has 11 grandchildren – the oldest of whom is 60 – and 13 great-grandchildren.She is doing fine now.


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