Surfers killed in uncommon sea condition in the Netherlands


Only one member of a group of surfers who ran into difficulties at the northern harbor head of the Scheveningen district of The Hague in the Netherlands on Monday evening could be saved after a large rescue operation.

Five others have died. A huge layer of foam in the water hampered efforts to rescue them. There were also strong winds and high waves at the time. The victims’ identities have not yet been released after the bodies were recovered. „The sea gives and the sea takes’, but the way in which so many young lives ended abruptly and so many families and groups of friends have been affected is incredibly brutal,” Johan Remkes, mayor of The Hague, said in a publicly exposed online statement. It is known that the victims were experienced surfers, knowing the sea „like the back of their hand.” At about 100 meters distance people were still surfing until late in the evening.

Mourning on the beach

Authorities opened an investigation to understand what happened on the sea. “We express our sympathy to the relatives and everyone involved. In the surf community in Scheveningen and far beyond there is great defeat, we are in deep mourning for this loss,” the mayor said.


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