Controversial laws about abortion and sex education in school are discussed in Poland


Polish lawmakers debate draft laws that would impose a near-total ban on abortion, criminalize sex education in schools and equate homosexuality with pedophilia.

Mass demonstrations thwarted the bills in the past but would be illegal under a current lockdown that limits gatherings to five people. Parliament speaker Elzbieta Witek noted that the two bills are citizens’ initiatives and said that by examining them, the national legislature is fulfilling its democratic mandate. „In a democratic state- and Poland is such a state – citizens’ projects must be subjected to proceedings in the Polish parliament, because that’s the laws,” he said. Law and Justice spokesman Radoslaw Fogiel said he could not predict how the party’s lawmakers would vote.

The Polish Parliament

At this time Poland has some of Europe’s strictest anti-abortion laws. It only allows abortion after rape or incest, if the woman’s life is threatened or if there is a fetal abnormality. The conservative Church wants greater restrictions on abortion. Some women protested the bills in Warsaw on Tuesday, observing social distancing by driving singly in cars or by riding bicycles. Critics of the draft laws say they would create a legal tool to persecute gay people. The director of Amnesty International in Poland, Draginja Nadazdin, called both bills “draconian.” No prediction about the approval of those laws can be made.


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