A woman in Ukraine came back to life when relatives held the funeral dinner

A woman came back to life 10 hours after her death certificate was issued, in Ukraine.

She was a retired nurse, aged 83. Her biological death was confirmed by a medical crew and police after a proved cardiac arrest. She had not signs of life. Devices showed nothing. The EKG came out in a straight line. The workers dug the woman’s grave. But hours after, when her relatives in Stryzhavka town meanwhile held a funeral dinner for her, the woman came back to life and was rushed to the intensive care at hospital. “My eyes opened, and people in white were standing around me,” said the grandmother, after coming back to life. “I thought they were angels but these were doctors…” The woman was able to talk animately to doctors. They can not explain.


“I have been working as a doctor for 20 years, but I have not seen anything like this,” Dr Tetyana Katylova, deputy medical officer of Vinnytsia regional hospital, said. Priest Roman Petrik, booked to conduct her funeral, said: “A miracle of resurrection has occurred. The story was published on the Youtube channel TSN.