Two Killed In London Helicopter Crash


The crane which sat on St George’s Tower is said to have been clouded by mist this morning and due to poor visibility the helicopter crashed into it. The plane is then said to have plummeted about 60 storeys down before crashing into two cars.  A driver who was trapped in one of the cars was rescued by firefighters and rushed to hospital.

According to reports, the pilot was alone on board at the time of the crash and he is believed to be one of the 2 dead victims of the incident. Despite the crash taking place barely 100 metres in proximity to the MI6 building, the police do not consider it as a terrorist act.

Reports have it that the pilot had requested to land at the London heliport at Battersea because of the bad weather. The pilot had been on route to Elstree in Hertfordshire from Redhill, Surrey.

The emergency services were hailed for their rapid response, which saw them rescue the man trapped in his car and rush him to hospital.


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