Unexploded WW2 bomb prompted evacuations in central London

The entrance to the Soho Hotel was among the areas shut down in central London after an unexploded World War II bomb was found at a building site.

Construction workers first came across the bomb near the Soho Hotel on Monday, prompting a sizable portion of the neighborhood to be shut down by police. On Tuesday afternoon another part of bomb was discovered and restrictions were put in place again. Hundreds of people were evacuated. Soho Hotel, the Soho Theatre and the Groucho Club were all evacuated too. Tourists were told to disperse. Singer and author Tracey Thorn had to cancel a book signing at the Groucho Club. Dozens of officers and a number of vehicles controlled the perimeter of the cordon. Dean Street was blocked off. Bateman Street, Meard Street and St Anne's Court have also been shut.

Evacuated people in London

Soho area in London is housing a number of businesses, restaurants and bars. Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: "An Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team has been called out to Soho to support the Metropolitan Police after discovery of a 500kg Second World War device. The bomb was considered safe to remove overnight to a location where it will be detonated. "During the war, German air raids dropped more than 12,000 metric tons of bombs on the British capital.