Stockholm Woman Steals And Crashes Train



The woman is said to have drove the train from a depot where she stole it and about a mile on it derailed. The train then jumped from the tracks and careered about 30 yards before slamming against a block of apartments.

Tomas Hedenius the spokesman for Arriva, the train operator, explained that although three families were inside the apartment at the time of the crash none of them sustained any physical injuries.

The woman is said to have been part of a cleaning crew contracted by the train operator. It is not clear why she decided to steal the train and how she got her hands on the train’s keys. Upon investigations into the incident, the woman received accolades further creating the puzzle about what drove her to commit the crime.

However, Hedenius explained that just about anyone can drive a train because it is not complicated. He added that the internet has provided an avenue for people to learn things quickly just by observation.


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