Deadly attack with knife in a suburb of Paris park

A stabbing happened near the park Hautes-Bruyères in Villejuif, one of Paris southeastern suburbs, about 8km (5 miles) south of the French capital, around 2pm on Friday.

The park was packed with families and children during the school holidays. A man stabbed four passers-by. One person has died and others have been injured in the knife attack. The targets appeared to have been chosen at random. Some were hurt seriously. The attacker's motives are currently unknown. Dozens of people ran from the area in panic. Police shot and killed the attacker shortly after the incident. Police union official Yves Lefebvre said officers fired repeatedly because they feared the man was wearing an explosive belt and might blow himself up. The attacker has not been identified. Police also secured the park in the Parisian banlieue Villejuif after attack. The mayor of Villejuif, Franck Le Bohellec, said the deceased victim was a 56-year-old man who was out walking in the park with his wife.


A police union spokesman, said that “no one can be sure at this stage whether this was a terrorist act.” However, witnesses told media that the attacker shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he lunged at passers-by. The most recent attack in Paris happened last October when a police staff member who had converted to a radical version of Islam stabbed four colleagues to death at the Paris police headquarters.