Boris Johnson won in elections in the U.K. so the BREXIT will be done

The exit polls in the U.K.  suggest that the Conservative Party of Boris Johnson will secure a large majority in the House of Commons. He and the BREXIT project won.

The exit poll, conducted for the UK's main broadcasters, predicted the Conservatives would win 368 seats. Johnson thanked the Conservative Party's voters, candidates and volunteers. Johnson's message to "Get Brexit Done" was at the heart of his campaign. "We live in the greatest democracy in the world," he tweeted. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, said he would stand down, after a period of "reflection."It will be easy now to pass Brexit deal through Parliament and to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Johnson, who only entered Downing Street in July, promised to deliver Brexit by the end of January and then immediately start negotiating a new trade agreement with the European Union.


It will also be a transition period which can be extended. The election could determine whether the United Kingdom continues to exist as a country in its current form. Simon Hix, a professor of political science at the London School of Economics said the exit polls suggested "a mandate for Johnson and Brexit in England, and a mandate for Scottish independence in Scotland." Boris Johnson may be the last prime minister of the UK.