French activists and law makers in the country want Black Friday to be banned

French environmentalists want to block Black Friday because “resource waste” and “overconsumption” are contributing to climate change.

A series of demonstrations opposing the annual post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy are scheduled in France for Friday and Saturday. "We cannot both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and call for a consumer frenzy,” France Ecological Transition Minister Elizabeth Borne said. She criticized the commercial event for creating “traffic jams, pollution and gas emissions.” “Together, we stand to occupy in a festive way or block ‘Temples’ of consumption in more than 20 cities in France,” the Extinction Rebellion group announced.

Protest in Paris against consumerism

French ministers of Parliament have adopted an amendment to ban all publicity for Black Friday. Many big brands are boycotting Black Friday sales this year, in order to reduce overconsumption. It was also discussed that Black Friday is not just bad for the environment but also bad for society; jobs become precarious if manufacturers and retailers are not paid the right amount. A “anti-waste” law, which is sanctioning „consumerism imported from the United States” is expected to be adopted but will take effect next year. The law makers want to ban Black Friday sales.