France closed southwest beaches because cocaine is repeatedly found

Authorities have closed beaches in southwest France and started carrying out patrols after  packages of cocaine continue to wash up along the country's Atlantic coast, with more than 1,000 kilograms discovered since mid-October.

The packages are now being found farther north, with a five-kilo parcel turning up at Camaret-sur-Mer on the western tip of Brittany on Tuesday. Officials said the cocaine was extremely pure at some 83 per cent, warning people who find the packages not to touch them. „They are still fairly significant with around 100 kilos arriving each day all along the coast," Philippe Astruc, the public prosecutor in Rennes, told media. "We fear that people will try and find these products and use them - which is incredibly dangerous - and that traffickers or would-be traffickers will say 'we can make some money here', he also said.


Around 100 investigators are working with European counterparts as well as the US Drug Enforcement Agency. A police helicopter was also being used along the 125-kilometre stretch between Cap Ferret and Soulac-sur-Mer, which includes the Lacanau beach. Over the weekend some packages found on the beach at Arcachon, southwest of Bordeaux,were marked "Diamante" or "Brillante".