Part of ceilling of the Piccadilly Theater in London collapsed during a performance

A section of the ceiling  of  the Piccadilly Theater in London’s West End ,in the heart of London’s entertainment district, approximately 15 feet in diameter, collapsed during a performance Wednesday, when a production of Arthur Miller’s - “Death of a Salesman”-  with Wendell Pierce in the role of the protagonist was underway.

The collapse happened about 20 minutes into the show. Audience members "heard dripping sounds indicating water was coming through the ceiling," according to the theatre production company. Around 1,100 people were evacuated from the theater after the incident. Five audience members sustained minor injuries and were taken to local hospitals. Police closed roads in the busy district. At least six fire engines and rescue unit vehicles were deployed to the scene. "We take the safety and security of our audiences extremely seriously and we are doing everything we can to ascertain the cause of the incident,” ATG said.


Thursday’s performance has been cancelled while the extent of the damage to the venue was assessed. The Piccadilly Theater’s in London opening on 27 April 1928. Similar incidents occurred in London in the past. In 2013, 76 people were injured when the ceiling of the city’s Apollo Theatre collapsed during a show.

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