Italy will introduce in schools the study about climate change

Learning about climate change and sustainability will soon be compulsory for all students across the country in Italy in public schools, education minister Lorenzo Fioramonti announced Tuesday.

„I want Italy to become a leader against climate change, being the first country to make sustainable development the cornerstone of our new education and research approach,” he said. As a government minister, he has voiced support for taxes on flying, sugar-sweetened drinks and plastics. He also encouraged students in Italy to skip school to join the global climate strikes.This way, Italy is the first country to adopt a climate change curriculum in public schools, with dedicated 33 hours per year. The study materials will be developed with the help of a group of “peer reviewer” experts, including Kate Raworth of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of the Harvard Institute for International Development.


The school module will be rolled out in September 2020. Even younger children will be educated in this spirit, based on folklore from different cultures to illustrate the human connection to the environment. Edoardo Zanchini, vice president of environmental advocacy group Legambiente, said responsibility for action should not be placed solely on children.

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