Rescue operation to save a man dangling from the top of a 290-foot-tall chimney


The man is dangling upside down near the top of the massive structure and his pants seem to be the only thing preventing him from plunging to the ground. The man was spotted on the first hours of Monday. Volunteers from the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team, the coastguard helicopter, and a rope access crew from Lancashire Fire Service are at the scene but the resue operation proved to be a difficult task. Police have closed the roads around the smoke stack. It’s unclear how the man managed to reach the top of the chimney. He was there for many hours.


The rescue operation was launched at around 2.20am on Monday. The fire service have released a plea asking for anyone with a large cherry picker to get in touch with them. “This is a very complex and difficult process given the obvious dangers to the man and the extreme difficulty in gaining access to him in a way which will keep him and emergency services safe,” John McVay, Cumbria Fire and rescue area manager said.

The man was found dead by rescuers.


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