The UE will approve another delay for BREXIT


EU ambassadors will meet next week to discuss how long the extension will be. Britain has asked for a three-month extension. Until recently, Mr Johnson vowed that Britain would leave the EU on October 31 no matter what, with or without a deal. France and other EU nations say Britain must present “a clear scenario” for progress before an extension will be approved. Mr Johnson said he would ask politicians to vote Monday on calling a general election on December 12. But opposition parties say they won’t vote for an early election until the Government secures an extension of the Brexit deadline.

Boris Johnson

Johnson says that delay to the process of Brexit is damaging the country and that parliament is responsible for the current delay. An election would probably also change the composition of Conservative MPs, bringing in more Brexit enthusiasts. Even if Brexit occurs, many problems will have to be solved: questions about Britain’s trade and economy, Britons’ freedom of movement, controls on immigration, but also about a united Ireland and an independent Scotland.


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